Sollama Locker

The Sollama Locker can lock tokens, NFTs, SPL tokens and LP tokens.

It costs 1 sol to lock, and within this lock you may assign your vesting periods to unlock as you desire. The aim is to set your lock at launch to avoid multiple locks and to ensure confidence in your project.

The locker dapp works by mapping the locking parameters (time, owner, public key of token) and creates a new account (locker) that holds the tokens. The dapp directly maps with the program on-chain the time and ownership parameters, and is available for unlock once the time on-chain is achieved.

Any attempts to unlock before the expiry time of the closest vesting period end will fail.

This is not reversible or alterable by the Sollama team or anyone else, it is a decentralized function that is permissionless.

Sollama is not responsible for permanent locks as a result of user action. (There is literally nothing we can do :) )

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