Sollama Token

About the Sollama Token

The Sollama token was created to power the Sollama ecosystem and drive interest, engagement and empower innovation on-chain.

Token Info:

The Token was launched January 18th, 2023

90% was paired to Raydium, the remaining 10% has been reserved in holding.

This reservation is used to drive strategic partnerships, acquisitions and funding of development (Marketing, Programming, Art design, etc).

The LP and Tokens will be locked in 1-3 month intervals. This is done to ensure timely updates to the token contract and allow for potential liquidity migration (To new swap, or our own swap when the time is ready)

The Sollama Platform is powered by the Sollama token, through circulation via tools and utilites, use of farming on Raydium and through our NFT ecosystem. We do not have a large team allocation nor do we have a large pool of funds for extraneous marketing plans, expenses or other unplanned costs. The Sollama Protocol is designed to be a mostly-closed loop ecosystem.

At the time of writing, our distribution is spread with top 0 holders holding less than 40% of the supply.

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