Phase 1 - Launch and Exposure

Launch Sollama Token Locker

Launch Sollama Token

Launch/Grow Telegram, Discord, Twitter

dApp Improvements, Speed updates, Mint Authority Addition

NFT announcements, Future Utility Announcement

Deployment of BuyBot V1

Deployment of Sollamai Bot

Phase 2 - Establishment and Growth

Improvement of Sollamai bot - Addition of AI features, Enhanced BuyBot Features, Paid Subscription Model

Improvement of Locker dApp - Speed Improvements, Server Upgrade, Optimization of Live Locks experience

Finalization of Docs V1 and Whitepaper V1

Asset Creation

Development of NFT features - NFT Holder Reward System, Unrevealed Design Including PlatformAccessPass, Design of featured Llama 3D Art

Development of NFT Gated Utilities - SPL Token Creator, Launchpad, In-House Swap

Twitter Expansion, Instagram and TikTok expansion

Collaborations with existing Solana NFT projects, Solana DAOs

Establishment of Mentorship Program

NFT Launch

Phase 3 - Solidified Presence, Value Acquisition and Distribution

NFT Art Reveal

Initiation of NFT Gated Access to tools and services

Website V3

Staged rollout of initial Sollama Sponsored Projects

BuyBot viral growth through partner Telegram and Discord Channels. Advertising on BuyBot Advanced BuyBot Features

Launchpad Beta Testing

SPL Token Creator Launch

SPL Token Upgrade announcements, discussion, development work.

Swap Pool Beta Testing

First NFT Rewards Allocation Distributed

Beyond - Becoming Blue Chip, Fostering Innovation

Continued Improvements on existing dApps

Expansion of mentorship program

Sollamai Bot to be a household Telegram Staple

Integration with Real World marketing oppportunities

Addition of utilites and Features

New token standard adaptation, SPL token features and program plugins established

Sollama Token Upgrade

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