Utilities and NFT

Utilities and NFT overview

The NFT will be the access pass to our platform. We will have two series of NFT - Sollama Originals and Access Passes. Both will be able to access our NFT Gated features, however the Sollama Originals will receive more perks and benefits for the holder. Sollama Originals: Tiered Rarity Hand Modeled 3D Art Ownership perks including (but not limited to): -Random Airdrops -Distribution of SOLLAMA Token -Token Distributions from Platform Service Useage -Exclusive Social Access and Merchandising -All Perks of Access Passes Access Passes: -Can be acquired on several main EVM Chains (Arbitrum, ETH, BSC, and more) -To be used by bridging to Solana and enabling access to Developer tools -To be used on Chain specific utilities as they are released

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