Message from the Founder

Hi! Nice to meet you

Hi guys, you may know me as k:M, Momoja, or TheWatcher. People really know me as Moh.

I started Sollama after witnessing the rise in popularity of Solana DeFI and the lack of tools and accessibility. I've had experience on other chains , and often trying to swap from one to the other (and expecting certain luxuries on the destination chain) can be daunting and tiresome.

I also did not like Solana as it is centralized, and I know of no other blockchain that has experienced "downtime".

That said, I see the blockchain indsutry growing and allowing room for centralized entities, and the programming nature of Solana is attractive, though not without it's drawbacks. But overall, it is a pleasurable experience and has a great community base of support and a dedicated team that's constantly improving. So: Intro to Sollama. I just thought the Llama theme is great, and as a lover of South America I just went with it. Sollama is the project that is early on the chain and comes with a mission : To make onboarding new users and developers to the chain a painless experience, complete with the luxuries you are used to having on other chains.

We launched with a fully functioning locker, not without the help of a dear friend who is now the only other partner on the team. We have attracted a killer community with a handful of close trusted people that I also consider on the team and we would not be here without them. This locker was released as we made our project announced and was ready to take locks right away, with a time period of unlock. This is like the utility of Unicrypt (ETH) or Mudra (BSC). The long term vision I have is to make Sollama the standard locker that pioneers the process to building out our own infrastructure. Complete with swap, launchpad, unique locking options and a ready for protocol upgrade system. Why? So we can help grow the ecosystem and hit the ground running as the Solana space evolves. I am here very day, Based in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and engaging and working constantly with my community. I have a lot of great ideas and great partners, and I'm thrilled to have you and everyone on the Sollama team to a bright DeFi Future!

If you aren't already, get in our Discord and say Hi. I love meeting my community and our mission is to empower and support, so I love to help out other people get their projects live and get acquainted with Solana, DeFi and Blockchain as a whole. The following documents in this GitBook will serve as the dApp documents, walkthroughs and FAQs about our project and the functions we provide.

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