Locker dApp

This locker is used to lock tokens. LP tokens, SPL Tokens or even NFTs. It comes complete with a UI to schedule your custom vesting periods and allow you to view and later change the ownership of the lock itself. It is audited for vulnerabilities and completely permissionless. Not even the Sollama team can override any of the functions in the dApp.

The locker is 1 SOL to lock, with unlimited vesting timelines within this lock. At the time of writing, the Locking of Mint Authority is free. This is to encourage responsible useage and incentivize security. You can find a walkthrough tutorial from start to finish at the bottom of this page:


The Mint Authority Lock is a new feature offered by that provides project owners a secure and reliable way to lock their minting authority. By locking their minting authority, project owners can ensure that their funds are securely stored and that their SPL-token contracts cannot be manipulated or abused. This feature is especially useful for project owners who are looking to avoid potential scams or malicious activity from individuals with access to the minting authority.

The Mint Authority Lock works by allowing project owners to securely store their minting authority in our locker for a set period of time. By storing the minting authority in our locker, the project owner is able to protect their SPL program from minting additional tokens and from making any alterations to the token itself. This feature also allows the project owner to update or upgrade their SPL-token contract in the future without worrying about potential malicious activity from individuals with access to the minting authority or without being forced to renounce permanently.

This an important feature that provides project owners with the security they need to protect their funds and to ensure that their SPL-token contracts remain secure and up-to-date. By using the Lock, project stakeholders can rest assured that their funds are safe and that their contracts are secure.

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